Drones & Sport – the 10 Best uses

Drones are now part of everyday life and it’s not unusual to see people operating one for work or leisure. Recent years have seen huge advances in the use of technology in sports, so it was surely inevitable that drones are combined and impacting the sporting world. But you might be surprised at just how many uses for drones there are within sports and at sporting events:

  • Opening Ceremonies:

When it comes to major global tournaments like the Olympics, the opening ceremony is a vital part of setting the tone for the event and getting the crowds excited. Who can forget the 1800 drones that put on an impressive light show in Tokyo in 2021?

  • TV Broadcasting:

Of course, the matchday experience is not limited to fans in the stadium. Drones give TV broadcasters access to previously unimaginable angles. Of course, they also offer the traditional aerial shots of stadiums and of off-road sports at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter. It also makes sports such as rock climbing appealing to TV audiences.

  • Security:

Crowd Control can also benefit from aerial shots of the crowd. From simple monitoring of crowds to zooming in to identify troublemakers and secure evidence, crowd control is far more robust with technology onside. It also allows emergency service commanders to direct operations based on live footage of an incident.

  • Refereeing:

All these extra views and angles could be a huge help to referees in making the right calls in quick time. Technology is widely used in refereeing these days and it surely can’t be long before referees seek to benefit from drones in the same way as coaches, players and broadcasters.

  • Aerial Mapping:

Outside of stadium sport, golfers, mountain bikers and skiers are able to see the terrain they are about to tackle right before they start competing and use this knowledge to their advantage. And coaches are able to monitor conditions throughout the event and convey changes to participants.

  • Coaching & Training:

Coaches were never going to miss out on this opportunity. Aerial footage of the field allows them a tactical view that has never before been available. In fact, drones can offer almost unlimited views of situations that could transform training ground activity and assessments of how games were won or lost.

  • Tennis Coaching:

Tennis is already embracing drone technology. Drones are now available to drop the ball to replicate certain return shots to enable players to repeatedly practice dealing with them and improve faster.

  • Logistics:

This another one that is still in the pipeline. Combining drone technology with AI could prove to be the best way to manage stock levels and transport goods such as snacks and merch to the right places at the right time. Professional sport would be nothing without fans and the food and drink they consume is all part of the matchday experience.  Don’t expect to see drones delivering direct to seats in the next couple of years, but researchers are already looking into ways of making drone deliveries standard.

  • Disinfecting Stadia:

The Atlanta Falcons have already begun to use drones to disinfect their stadium. Using electrostatic nozzles, drones evenly distribute medical-grade disinfecting chemicals after games to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

  • Drones as the Stars of the Show:

Drone racing is growing in popularity and could well be the next big sport to emerge. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and just another example of how drones are shaking up the sporting world.