Motorcycle Motorcade


Motorcycle Motorcade Announcing the 1st Maccabiah, 1930
Photo: Maccabiah Archives. The original B&W photograph was painted for this exhibition


The 19th Maccabiah, Jerusalem, 2013
Photo: Maccabiah Archives

Two delegations of Jewish motorcycle drivers left Tel Aviv for Europe to disseminate word about the Maccabiah that was to be held in Spring 1932 in the Land of Israel. The first left in 1930 for Antwerp, Belgium, and the second left a year later for London. Yosef Yekutieli, who initiated the idea of the Maccabiah and was a prime force behind its execution, headed the London delegation. In the year 2013, in honor of the 19th Maccabiah, motorcycle drivers recreated the Motorcycle Motorcade and drove up to Jerusalem where the opening ceremony was conducted.

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