Masters Competitions


Gershon and Reuven Shefa, 6th Maccabiah, 1961 Photo: Courtesy of Gershon Shefa. The original B&W photograph was colourated for this exhibition


Gershon Shefa, 2016 Photo: Efrat Eshel

There are unique and impressive individuals who continue to perform at their peak for years. Gershon Shefa is one of these. Israeli champion and record holder for swimming, he represented Israel at three Olympic Games. Gershon was born into a family of swimmers – his father, Pinda Fischer, excelled during the time of the British Mandate. His older brother Reuven was Israeli champion in the 1950s, was on the national water polo team, and participated in three Maccabiah Games. Gershon also competed in three Maccabiah Games in the 1960s, and now, 60 years later, he still competes in Masters swimming competitions. The Maccabiah Masters competitions are for athletes 25 years of age and older, competing in their specific age categories.

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