Jerusalem – The Capital of the Maccabiah
Established by King David
Population: 919,438

Welcome to the holiest city in the world! In Jerusalem you will never be bored. There are endless sites to see and places to go. The old city of Jerusalem is a must.  You can spend a few hours just walking around the city, immersing yourself in the ancient streets and ending up at the Kotel (The Western Wall). There you can put a note in the wall, and hopefully have your dream come true. Don’t forget to stop at an observation point on your way, so that you can catch a glimpse of one of the most breathtaking views of the country.  Another must see is 'Yad Vashem' The World Holocaust Remembrance Center. Whether you decide to get an audio tour or not, you will without a doubt gain a deeper understanding of the holocaust, and with that, you will leave with a deeper appreciation for Israel. In your down time you can relax in the 'Tayelet' - Hass Promenade or wander around the markets. Check out 'Mahane Yehuda' Market for some of the best food in Israel, or stroll along Ben Yehuda where you will find an array of shops and restaurants. If you are into pubs, galleries and trendy bars, explore 'Nahalat  Shiv'a' neighborhood. Jerusalem is a spiritual city filled with endless cultural and historical significance. While you are here, remember to stop at take it all in because it really is one of the most special places on earth. Religious or not, this City has a lot to offer for everyone.

Jerusalem, Capital of the Maccabiah, will host the Maccabiah Opening Ceremony in an extraordinary festive show celebrating Brotherhood, peoplehood and our Maccabi long year tradition and heritage. Want to be a part of the ceremony? For tickets click here. 

Jerusalem is also hosting the Open Maccabiah sport events. Most Open Maccabiah athletes will stay in the city.  

What else can you do in Jerusalem? Visit Jerusalem