Established: during the Late Bronze Age (14th century BCE)
Population: 283,640

On the top of Mount Carmel to the shores of the Mediterranean sea, lays the 3rd biggest city in Israel - Haifa. Haifa is often referred to as the San Francisco of Israel due its abundance of greenery, its hilly streets and it's casual vibe. The most popular site in Haifa is the Bah'ai Gardens. The Bah'ai Gardens sit on the slopes of Mount Carmel, facing the Mediterranean and are filled with beautiful blooming gardens. You can spend a whole afternoon strolling through the gardens and ending up at the bottom of the mountain where Haifa's German Colony is located. Walk the streets of the German Colony and you will find plenty of restaurants and cafes. Another thing Haifa is known for is its Museums. Be sure to check out the Madatech - Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, as well as the Haifa educational Zoo.  The last quality that makes Haifa such a revered destination is its location - that is, being located on the coast of the Mediterranean and the Galilee. Therefore, you must visit the beaches of Haifa! Try the Hof Hashaket Beach for a more serene beach day or the Dado Beach for more excitement. 

This is the 2nd Maccabiah that Haifa hosts the Juniors' Maccabiah!

Juniors' Maccabiah very own Olympic village or "HUB" will be located in Haifa. So feel free to stop by and take advantage of the HUB activities!

What else can you do in Haifa? Visit Haifa