Super Induro in the Park- National Park, Ramat Gan, July 19 

Champions from Israel and abroad on a particularly challenging obstacle course

09:00 - 19:00


For the first time in Israel and under the Maccabiah, there will be a super induro urban race –a two-wheeled motorsport focused on the endurance of the rider and the machine. This is an extreme motorcycle competition that takes place in city centers, with the race using the existing natural urban route and allowing fun, comfortable viewing for the audience.

The race track is circular in the style of "laps" when the competitor who makes the most laps at the end time, is declared the winner,  with the entire track also a display complex of the riders and their tools accessible to the general public. Maccabiah anticipates that the competition will be entered by about 150 riders from Israel and abroad who will give the audience a unique sports experience never before seen in Israel.

Alongside the competition there will be a huge park area with a shopping fair, children's attractions, a food track complex, an opening show and a screening of the competition on a jumbo screen.

The entrance to the complex is free and open to the public.