Do you have extra time? Have extra fun!

We invite you to discover, experience, and participate in exciting events created exclusively for you!

More information on how to participate can be found on our app, the Extra Fun digital program, and at the information/registration desk during breakfast and dinner. Please contact our Extra Fun advisors or stop by our desk if you have questions. We have many surprises planned for you. This year - no one stays at the hotel!

Do not forget to have Extra Fun!


EXplore by yourself!

This year, for the first time in the Maccabiah, in order for you to have Extra Fan, we have created for you, more content that you can discover by yourself!


Meet our Bite Cards! Imagine yourself in one of the colorful markets of Israel... the smells, the tastes, the people, the special atmosphere... Sounds fun right? All you need to do is choose- Machne Yehuda Market, HaCarmel Market, Jaffa Flea Market, Levinsky Market or even Old Acre Market! Embark on a spectacular journey by yourself and we promise, you will not stay hungry! Read more


Do you have some more free time? Want to hang out alone for a bit? Get to know the best places in TLV. Get to know the nightlife in the city, where a number of businesses will offer exclusive benefits to participants and visitors of the Maccabiah. It’s a win-win. First, you’ll be saving money (which is always great). Second, you won’t need to spend time and energy looking for good places to go to, as the places offering these benefits are some of the most popular and attractive destinations in Tel Aviv! Read more


The 21st Maccabiah is excited about the fruitful cooperation between the host cities and the Maccabiah participants. You are invited to take part in the municipal events, festivals, and the variety of special offers that the city in which you are hosted has to offer. Read more


A musical and magical Shabbat reception looking at the sunset, the sea, or in various locations in your city. Join us for a celebration of togetherness, culture, and spirit in the magical time of Shabbat. Come experience a unique Shabbat activity that combines traditional prayer, Hebrew singing, sweeping music for the whole family, and dancing at sunset. We recommend coming wearing comfortable clothing! Read more

EXperience with us!

The best way to get to know Israel is by foot. The 21st Maccabiah is excited to present you with spectacular and extraordinary guided tours produced just for you! From culinary adventures, to alcohol and food workshops, to classic trips lasting half or full days, we have many new opportunities for you. Do you have some free time? Join us - this year no one is staying at the hotel!


Machne Yehuda market food tour, Levinsky market food tour, The Carmel market food tour, TLV's flea market food tour, Machne Yehuda market nightlife tour, Flea market nightlife tour, Food&wine in Hefer valley and more…! Read more


Acre past and present, exiting the city walls of old Jaffa, 'yalla disco!', JLM's old city craftments, TLV's mysterious art of graffiti, Bnei-Brak's ultra-orthodox community, JLM's ultra-orthodox community and more… Read more


Brewing workshop in Jaffa/JLM, A culinary workshop, Israeli spirits workshop, Israeli cooking workshop in Jaffa, The JLM distillery that you won't forget and more… Read more


The Dead Sea, the green north, authentic experiences in the desert, boat rides, antiques, geology, 3000 years of Jerusalem, Jerusalem night vibes, the jewish quarter at the old city and more… Read more

Exciting events!

The 21st Maccabiah is excited to invite you to experience the traditional ceremonies and sporting events that make the Maccabiah an unforgettable event!


Ninety years ago, in the year 1932, the 1st Maccabiah was held, with 390 sportsmen and sportswomen from 18 countries competing. 2,500 gymnasts participated in the opening ceremony exercises in the “Maccabiah Stadium”, the first sports stadium in the Land of Israel. The construction of the Yarkon estuary stadium in northern Tel Aviv was completed the night before the opening of the games. Eighty-five years later, at the 20th Maccabiah, more than 9,000 sportsmen and sportswomen from 80 countries competed. The opening ceremony took place in Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem in front of 30,000 spectators. And what awaits us this year? The festive delegations march, the traditional torch transfer and many more surprises for the eyes and soul. Let the games… begin!


Maccabiah Village, Poleg Beach, Netanya | July 14-22 The Maccabiah Night Race in Jerusalem at 6:30 PM | July 18 Superenduro at the National Park in Ramat Gan at 9AM-7PM | July 19 Sportech, Tel Aviv Velodrome at 2-8PM | July 19 Read more

Closing ceremony July 25

How do you sum up an unforgettable event? It seems almost impossible. On Thursday, July 25th, we will all unite for the last time to sum up the 21st Maccabiah in an exciting closing ceremony. More info on the Maccabiah website. Read more

Sports games FINALS

In this Maccabiah we are all winners, but you are welcome to watch the final games and cheer on your friends, colleagues and favorite delegations. 10,000 athletes from 60 countries, 3,000 tournaments, and 42 sports. An Israeli sports celebration at its best. More info on the Maccabiah website.

Exclusive for you!

We’re so glad you're here with us! We want you to have an extra-exciting, extra-special and extra-fun time during the games this summer! To help you do that, we have produced a number of events and experiences you won’t be able to do anywhere else.


Welcome to the Maccabiah! Welcome to Israel! Welcome to your hotel, or as we call it "the village", where you will spend your time in the near future and hopefully feel at home in as much as possible. There are just so many reasons and beginnings to celebrate! And where? At your hotel. Tuesday evening, July 12th, around dinner time, expect great surprises, music ensembles, entertainment shows, a festive meal and a fantastic atmosphere that will kick start your journey with us!

SHABBAT WEEKEND July 15-16 / 22-23

Every tourist arriving in Israel, no matter where from or what they believe in, can not remain indifferent to the special atmosphere of the Sabbath. Starting Friday at noon and until Saturday evening, we invite you to experience Shabbat, in any way you choose. From alternative Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday afternoons, to prayer ceremonies and kiddush, festive Friday meals and of course blessings and songs. Some hotels will host acapella concerts by Jamd Choir and Duo Reim Ensemble where everyone is invited! Shabbat Shalom everyone! Read more


Beach party - Masters party at the Maccabiah Poleg Beach Village, Netanya at 20:00 - 23:00 | July 20 A colorful beach party with food, drinks, music, dancing, and a great performance by the famous Israeli singer - Dana International Once in a Lifetime Party- Open athletes party at Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Sea Port at 20:30- 02:00 | July 21 Come and celebrate as only Tel Aviv knows how to! A party into the night with well-known DJs from Israel and abroad, plus many surprises.

MITZVAH CELEBRATION TOUR – HaKotel – 3000 years of JLM - July 21/25

(#47 – Open / #79 – Masters) – Full day A day of exciting experiences, beginning with a bar / bat mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall. After that, we will tour the special underground sites of the old city, where we will see the old Jerusalem from the days of the kings and conquerors. Next - enjoy an easy walk through the alleys of the Old City, discover some of its secrets, and maybe even get to experience some of the modern city through a walk on Ben Yehuda street.