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The Fourteenth Maccabiah: 5753

July 5 to July 15, 1993

Notable Athlethes

  • Darren Shongold (10.74 seconds in 100 meters)
  • the American athlete Jennifer Frank (12.26 seconds for 100 meters
  • Vadim Baviko
  • Alex Feingret achieved impressive records in their javelin throwing with distances of 76.44 meters and 75.6 meters. 
  • Isareli Orit Kolodoni set a new record in the 400 meter run (54.27 seconds) on the
  • Itai Margalit secured his world record in Stuttgart with his vault jumping of 2.25 meters. 
  • The Ethiopian-Canadian athlete, Josef Kobir, won three Gold Medals at this Maccabiah in the 1,500, 5000 and 10,000 meter runs.

Basic Facts

  • The 14th Maccabiah broke attendance records: 5,100 athletes arrived from 48 countries and competed in 32 fields of sports. 
  • The media also broke all participation records with 321 journalists from all over the world. 
  • A guest of honor of a ׂdifferent sort׃ was Robert de Niro, the movie actor, who was invited by the Israeli producer Arnon Milchin; he sat in the box of honor next to the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the House.
  • Seven million shekels were invested in the construction of a modern gymnastics center at Hadar Yosef for the 14th Maccabiah
  • Sports events took place throughout the country -- from Metullah in the North to Ein Gedi in the South
  • In total, Israel won 74 Gold Medals, 61 Silver and 50 Bronze, outstripping the United States -- 46-49-38, Canada -- 14-7-15 and the CIS -- 9-4-9.

Joining the Party: Countries who participated for the first time

  • For the first time, since the establishment of the State of Israel, contingents arrived from Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and eight republics of the CIS.   Croatia, Georgia and Portugal participated in the Maccabiah for the first time
  •  The South African team returned and appeared under the South African flag, with the fall of apartheid and removal of the ban by the international community on the country. 
  • Seven-seven athletes and their escorts came from Turkey, after a gap of twenty four years, representing the Constantinople branch of Maccabi World Union (the first Maccabi Club)  that had renewed its activities after many dormant years.
  • Three athletes from Hong Kong appeared for the last time under the flag of their state.

Say Hello: New Sports Competition

Saying Goodbye: Categories From Previous Maccabiot That Were Left Out

  • pole vaulting
  • hammer throw
  • walking
  • 10,000 meter run,
  • triathlon