Int'l Sports Committee

The International Sports Committee

The International Sports Committee (ISC) is appointed by the President of MWU. The ISC works closely with the Sports Department of MWU and the Chairman of the Maccabiah Organizing Committee. In essence, the ISC consists of representatives of the International Maccabiah Committee (IMC) and it organizes all aspects of the sports competitions at the Maccabiah including, but not limited to, the menu of sports, divisions of sports, sports regulations, Maccabiah basic regulations, disciplinary regulations, liaising with Israel Sports federations to run each sport during the Games, the selection of sports venues, referees, training facilities, elite athletes, and sports schedules during the Games.

The ISC members are or have been leaders of Maccabi organizations throughout the world and have often been heads of various Maccabiah delegations and are the sports mavens of Maccabi World Union. The ISC focuses solely on the best interests of the Maccabiah. Members of the ISC do not represent their respective countries or Maccabi Organizations but, rather considers all matters from an international perspective.

Since its inception, the ISC has revolutionized the manner in which sports have been organized and implemented at the Maccabiah Games.


The ISC for Maccabiah 2013
Miguel Litchi, Co-Chair (Mexico)
Jordan Weinstein, Co- Chair (USA)
Harry Procel (Australia)
Salomon “Tito” Mishaan (Venezuela)
Stuart Lustigman (Great Britain)
Victor Vaisman (Argentina)
Allen Gerskup (Canada)
Motti Tichauer (Germany)
Daniel Jonas (Sweden)
Mervyn Tankelowitz (South Africa)
Lisa Borowick (Australia)
Alex Brainis (Canada)
Alvero Rosenblut (Chile)
Avi Stein (Israel)
Jeff Bukantz (USA)
Claudio Ploit (Argentina)
Ricky Landau (Venezuela)


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