The hotels that will be used for the Maccabiah were carefully selected after visiting and inspecting each in person. All were made sure to fit all the requirements necessary for the Maccabiah; including safety and transportation.

The hotels are divided according to the three main areas in Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv & Ha'Sharon, Haifa & North, as well as the three main categories of the program: Juniors, Open, Masters & Paralympic.

The participants at the Maccabiah will receive accommodations according to their category, sport, language and other factors involved with the program. Special attention will be given to all the food requirements. After the registration deadline, the Maccabiah HQ will publish the list of which sports and delegations are staying at which hotels. Click hotel to get a sneak peek for the 20th Maccabiah. Please note that while these are the hotels currently acquired for the Maccabiah changes can occur and if so all delegations will be notified in advance.

Ha'sharon & North

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